Jake's 2006 MLB Preview

AL East
Boston Red Sox 95-67-Better pitching than Yanks and I think Mike Lowell and Coco Crisp will have good seasons.
Prediction-Ortiz and Ramirez will combine for 95 home runs.
New York Yankees 94-68-Jaret Wright and Kyle Farnsworth will fail. Randy Johnson is old. Giambis resurgence wont transfer over. Damon will succeed. Cano will be an allstar.
Prediction-The Yankees will win 94 games but it wont be pretty.
Toronto Blue Jays 84-78- 104 million doesnt buy much. Ryan and Burnett will not be as good as last year.
Prediction-Season will be deemed a failure by June 24th.
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 74-88-Cantu is a future star. So is Delmon Young. Baldelli is no Dimaggio.
Prediction-Kazmir will win and lose 15 games.
Baltimore Orioles 69-93-Tejada will only last the year if they cant find a midseason trade. Mora and Roberts will have down years.
Prediction-Kris and Anna Benson will get a divorce by the time the World Series comes around.

AL Central
Chicago White Sox-101-61team will be slghtly better than last year.
Prediction-Thome will not be back to his old self but better than 05.
Minnesota Twins-91-71-Twins will be good, but not THAT good.
Prediction-Twins will lead the division for a while, but wont win it.
Cleveland Indians 85-77-Indians have lost too many pieces to contend
Prediction-Attendance will be horrid, grumblins of relocation will arise
Detroit Tigers 70-92-Team will be exciting, but lose nonetheless
Prediction-Magglio will be back to 03 form and hit 32 homers
Kansas City Royals 67-95-Grudzalenek and Sanders will bring legitamacy, but not much.
Prediction-the Royals will have an 8 game win streak at some point during season

AL West
Oakland A's 95-67-A's will win most competitive division in baseball with little to no star power
Prediction-Zito will win 20 games
Los Angeles Angels 93-69-Angels will win alot of games again, but wont make playoffs
Prediction-Jeff Weaver will have best season of career
Seattle Mariners 89-73-Mariners have alot of pieces but are missing a player or two
Prediction-this will be Ichiros last season in Seattle
Texas Rangers 84-78-Finally having pitching now the Rangers will wish they had Soriano.
Prediction-Wickman will have breakout year

NL East
Atlanta Braves-92-70-Braves will win and have injury free, pitching dominating season
Prediction-Francour will hit 35 homers and double his assists from last year.
New York Mets-90-72-Mets will win, but not enough to outseat Braves
Prediction-Kaz Matsui will produce this season
Philadelphia Phillies-85-77-Phillies will win but have lost too much talent to be consistant
Prediction-Phillies will make a big trade for pitching by the deadline
Washington Nationals 82-80-Too much internal strife for successful season
Prediction-Attendence will drop
Florida Marlins 69-93-This rebuilding will be smoother than last, but still very very bumpy
Prediction-Hanly Ramirez and Reggie Abercrombie will play amazingly

NL Central
Houston Astros-91-71-Breakout seasons by Backe and Preston Wilson will lead Houston to division title
Prediction-Clemens will play and go 14-10
St.Louis Cardinals-85-77-Lost too many pieces to continue success
Prediction-will lead division for most of the season dropping in final month
Chicago Cubs 84-78-Cubs will be one hitter and one pitcher short
Prediction-Wood and Prior will combine for 24 wins. Cedeno will be next Vizquel.
Milwaukee Brewers-79-83-Will not be as good as last year
Prediction-Loss of Overbey will hurt bad
Pittsburgh Pirates 73-89-Cant win on youthful exuberance alone ask the Rays.
Prediction-Casey will succeed in Pittsburgh, nobody else will.
Cincinatti Reds-65-97-Starting rebuilding part 71.
Prediction-Griffey trade rumors will last all season, nothing will happen.

NL West
Los Angeles Dodgers 90-72-Will have successful year.Infield will be best in the bigs
Prediction-Lowe will win Cy Young.
Arizona Diamondbacks 89-73-Will be this years Indians, miss playoffs
Prediction-Webb will have ERA under 3
San Diego Padres 87-73-Division is getting tougher for Padres
Prediction-Piazza will hit 15 homers, Cameron 30
San Francisco Giants 77-83 Outside problems will interfere with season.
Prediction-Bonds will retire and hit 38 homers this season, 7 shy of mark.
Colorado Rockies 63-99 Another awful year in Colorado
Prediction-nobody will hit 30 homers for this team or win 14 games.

White Sox def Yankees 3-2
A's def Red Sox 3-0
Dodgers def Braves 3-1
Astros def Mets 3-2

White Sox def A's 4-2
Astros def Dodgers 4-2

World Series
White Sox def Astros 4-2

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LJ wont allow me to comment so Ill post my comment

A:Luckily, kids dont vote. If they dont go during the summer, then they fail out. I said the credits needed to graduate go up to a level where it is nearly impossible to graduate without going during the summer. See we are too leiniant. We let someone fail all the way through school and when they get through their senior year we say goodbye. You should only be allowed to fail through your sophomore year in High School. If you continue to suck they should kick you out. You dont wanna learn? You dont wanna go to a half day in the summer? Fine go and dont come back. You dont wanna teach in the summer? Go work at Applebee's for the rest of your life. Im talking about half a day and kids still having like 3 or 4 weeks off. Im talking like from 7:30 to like 11:30. And frankly, you cant work and pass High School? Then fine no more job and if you cant pass still then you have neither after your Sophomore year.

Why arent schools open on Saturdays? All major educational powers have schools open on saturdays. Our teaching system is lazy and doesnt wanna work till 2 or 3 in the afternoon on a Saturday. Im not even talking ever weekend like every other. Kids dont get stuff and they are ran over by the teaching for the test curriculum.

And another thing, if you make 10 dollars a year you see 7 dollars by the time you get your check. If you work 42 hours a week for two weeks that comes out to 588 dollars. That total times 25 (people call off and take off about 2 weeks a year or so so lets round it) is 14,700 dollars. Not alot at all. Now if you get to keep 9 dollars and 50 cents of that you get around 20,000. Lets say of the original 15,000 you spent about 100 a month on groceries for a family of 3. Thats 1200 a year with a sales tax of 72 dollars at years end. That means that the total of 1272 is spent on groceries per year which is 8.5% of ones yearly salary. Now if one makes 20,000 and spends the same 1200 a year on groceries the total spent on groceries goes up to 1500 dollars after tax. The percentage of total salary is 7.5%. Down over a whole percent due to rounding. Where this tax comes in is on luxury items such as cars and houses. The people who pay inproportional taxes right now is the poor. This shifts the tax burden to the rich. If I made 500 more a year I wouldnt sweat paying 50 more for an iPod.

I am too lazy to get into war mistakes with my 15 minutes left here. To simplify things, the reason we went to war was a mistake, the predicted outcome was a mistake, us being there still is a mistake, beliveing there wont be a civil war is a mistake. Us being there is breeding more and more hate around the muslim world period. and dont get me started on them.

Clarifying my views...

Ive been thinking things through alot lately which is what these posts are about.

Bush was dealt a band hand of cards. OK 9/11 happened. We could go into the details of how it could have been avoided but for all intents and purposes lets agree some odd 5 years later that 9/11 happened because every branch of government failed massively in the weeks and days leading up to 9/11, during 9/11 and since 9/11.

Ok, so 9/11 happens, we invande Afghanistan, overthrow its government and helps its people the supposed best way we can. We supposidly hole bin laden up in the Tora Bora mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan. We carpet bomb the mountains for days and when it comes time to go in, our generals let the warlords of Afghanistan do the job. And by warlords I mean the people who allowed terrorist camps to be ran freely on their land. I mean people who were friends with Bin Laden. Im sorry but Bush is commander in chief. That means commander of the military and navy. Huge mistake Im going to write about #1. #2 would probably be that all of the Taliban got away and are returning slowly to Afghanistan to rule it once more.

Ok so after Afghanistan we go to Iraq. Bush's approval rating is probably between 80 and 90 now, things are good. This is where things went horribly wrong. Why didnt we go to Somalia? Or better yet Indonesia, which is where everyone but Bush thinks Bin Laden is at now (not on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan). There WERE no terrorists in Iraq. Thats the thing. There are now, many in fact. They have came in from all over the middle east becase now there are American Troops and contractors all over the place to bomb and kill. But 3 years ago there was no terrorists in Iraq virtually at all. There werent WMDs there either unless you consider lethal gasses UMDs and if you do then that program had been discontinued.

Bush had alot of opportunities in the past 6 years to be an amazing president in times of crisis. 9/11 and the Hurricane are two of the biggest disasters in American history and both were handled with complete incompetence from the lowest workers in politics all the way to the oval office.

As for No Child Left Behind, I think standardized tests and apathetic teachers are to blame. We can keep on raising SATs but it means nothing if we keep falling behind intellectually to other countries.
Ok step 1: we stop going to war and start taxing more, yeah I said more. We rebuild the schools in places like Chicago and in some instances we build less schools but bigger schools. Im talking schools that are like small universities like Penn. I bet if we took the money from the war and applied it to the school system by now we would see a massive change.
step 2: we stop teaching from the test and teach more college prep. we have too many college dropouts.
step 3: we have more ivy techs. if we could double the amount of people in this country getting 2 year degrees it would be amazing.
step 4: we open the schools on saturdays and during the summer. I know its crazy but if we open schools even a little on saturdays for students to get help, do missed makeup work, catch up or even require it for honors classes it would increases out educational output. As for summer, why dont we give students half days during the summer. like summerschool but required. we go from 40 credits to 47.
step 5: we make it easier to become a teacher. you could go for 2 years of college to become a teacher. We have too many bad teachers and too many people who could be teachers but cant go to school. Its the job with the most demand but there are such high requirements. We need to bring them down some.
step 6: we start kindergarten 1 or 2 years earlier and we teach foreign languages through 1st grade before the brain loses its plasticity. American children need to learn how to read a year earlier on average. Im not talking pre-kindergarten babysitting, Im talking functional, interactive learning. this would also allow lower class families to get to work sooner and more often with the kid away.

If I ran the country next I would completely rework the medical field. It is on the verge of complete collapse. We need to have free health care and pay doctors through taxes. If people complain enough about a bad doctor he is fired by the government, simple as that. People lose their medical debts and are allowed to get onto their feet.

Heres the kicker for all that. Instead of raising taxes come February. We lower them. Cut them in half or even more. How do we do this? We raise the tax on purchased goods from 6% or so to 25%. That way the more rich poeple are, the more they spend, the more they spend the more they put into the system. Think about it this way. An ipod is 300 bucks. In Chicago its 325 roughly. With this it would be 375. It would be an increase but it could cut out all other taxes almost alltogether.

I could go into more detail here but Im tired of typing. Im dling Limp Bizkit which renders my arguement void anyways.

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This is probably my last entry I write with New Orleans still standing. The hurricane is possibly the biggest to ever hit US land. What that means is that some of the US's biggest refineries are going to be flattened overnight. If you read this, do this one thing, GET GAS. It is going to be 6 dollars a gallon tomorow. GET GAS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

WOW, from August 28th, 2005. Someone hit the nail right on the head. People should take my advice more often.

I hate the President. He sucks so much. He goes around talking about how great No Child Left Behind is but it accomplishes nothing. Cheney is the most insuffrable asshole ever. He has this snarly toothed look on his face like hes in some pissed off mood.

Believe it or not this pic is at the Republican National Convention. Thats like where they celebrate and are in a good mood and baloons fall and people sing and cheer. Its like, chill out dude. Its not that bad. Sorry your daughters gay and you shoot people. I know it sucks. He goes to benefit dinners and talks about how much he hates the democrats and how they do stuff wrong. Its like dude, your at a benefit. Put the political speeches away. Talk about the american way of life or things like that or something.

Back to the president. Yeah the no caps was on purpose. Has there ever been a wrong president. Hes professional ability to do his is worse than clintons personal life. Hes dropped the ball so much he never had it. Im so glad the republicans are turning on them. I hope them turning on him doesnt mean people vote for them in november. I hope we have alot more democrats in congress next time around.

The next election is going to suck because right now it would be John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

Id write more but Im busy.

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Im so sick of Stephanie. She talked about killing herself this weekend, she should. Such a pain in the ass. Her job sucks so why not? Bob wants her to.

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Me and Rachel went to Chicago today. It was alot of fun. I hope she had fun too. She got a bunch of shirts and clothes and she deserves to spend some of her moderatly hard earned money. I spent some too. Seeing as Ive saved up a TON of money between my bonus, employee of the year re/a/ward and others along with the fact my books and plane ticket are going to be a combined 3rd of what I expected, I got an ipod video, the best case on the market for it and some cubs things such as a clark and adison street sign which will be something Ill have forever.

I decided recently Im not holding back anymore. If I feel a certain way Im going to say it. It may cause alot of trouble but I just feel like that guy from Office Space, I just dont care. With that said, if I was the Mayor of Chicago Id kill all the homeless people. Deporting would work but we deport Mexicans from Texas and they come back. Now put a crematory on Rush Street once and the homeless will stay away. If I was homeless Id get a job. But seriously how much does a big firey pit cost. Im writing to Daley. I hate the homeless. No more homeless. They make up these stories about their families and u know they are making it up, they know they are making it up. Why? God get a job. I have a job and I probably already gave you some money on the taking it up the ass tax I paid at the Apple Store. Go ask them for my money. They are the middleman here. If I made my own political party Id kill the homeless. Not me personally. I can find a middleman for that too.

PS-Bob, I got this program called dvd shrink. It breaks the dvd encription code and loads the actual movie on ur comp (unless its a recent sony movie like Hitch, which doesnt work with it, Spiderman 2 works with it tho and its Sony). It puts the actual movie on ur hard drive. You then take it and put the movie through that thing that you gave me that turns movies into ipod format. Thats how u load dvds onto an ipod.

PPS-Rach, I had alot of fun today. I love you. Im not great shopping with and being with with a headache in a hot store with a bunch of weird looking people but I hope u had fun through that.

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INDIANAPOLIS -- Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush might not land with the Houston Texans after all.

Texans general manager Charley Casserly said Sunday the Texans have been talking to teams about possibly trading the first pick in the 2006 draft.

It has been widely speculated that the Heisman Trophy winning running back out of Southern California would end up with the Texans because they recently gave quarterback David Carr a three-year contract extension.

The Texans, who finished 2-14 last season, have multiple needs that might be filled with one major move.

"There's clearly players at the top of this draft that are marquee players," Casserly said. "Players that are impact players, players that are going to go to the Pro Bowl, players that are going to sell tickets. We're going to get offers for this pick. We've already had discussions with teams. I think there's value in our pick.

"Whether it's Reggie Bush, Vince Young or Matt Leinart, those three players are going to produce trade offers. We are definitely going to have some choices when it comes to draft day."

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How the All Star rosters should be...

C Ben Wallace-Detroit
F Chris Bosh-Toronto
F LeBron James-Cleveland
G Allen Iverson-Philadelphia
G Dwayne Wade-Miami
1 Richard Jefferson-New Jersey
2 Paul Pierce-Boston
3 Michael Redd-Milwaukee
4 Gilbert Arenas-Washington
5 Vince Carter-New Jersey
6 Richard Hamilton-Detroit
7 Chauncey Billups-Detrot
8 Rasheed Wallace-Detroit
9 Dwight Howard-Orlando
10 Zydrunas Ilgauskas-Cleveland

C Tim Duncan-San Antonio
F Elton Brand-Los Angeles (C)
F Dirk Nowitski-Dallas
G Kobe Bryant-Los Angeles
G Steve Nash-Phoenix
1 Tony Parker-San Antonio
2 Shawn Marion-Phoenix
3 Carmelo Anthony-Denver
4 Mike Bibby-Sacramento
5 Pau Gasol-Memphis
6 Mehmet Okur-Utah
7 Jason Richardson-Golden St.
8 Chris Paul-New Orleans
9 Sam Cassell-Los Angeles (C)
10 Andrei Kirilenko-Utah